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Rosemary clearly remembers when her kindergarten teacher said, “Rosemary, today you need to play somewhere other than the kitchen or the grocery store." Now her kitchen and clients' R&D facilities are her playground for creating recipes and new food product concepts. A career meant to be! She believes the solution to ‘dinner dilemma’ is a mental cookbook of familiar, easy-to-prepare recipes with pantry staples and seasonal ingredients. Her goal is to develop recipes that become favorites made again and again. Her passion is creating recipes that revolve around the importance and enjoyment of dining together as part of a healthy lifestyle. She blogs at GetCookingSimply from ‘Rosie’s Kitchen’ sharing healthful consumer-friendly recipes and cooking tips. Rosemary lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, was the 2016 President and 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient of the San Francisco Professional Food Society.

About The Blog

GetCookingSimply is written by two long-time colleagues and friends, Rita Held and Rosemary Mark. Easy everyday fare. Yummy flavor twists. Seasonal treats. Specialty splashes: Simple interpretations of the food trends and ethnic tastes that represent our home — the diverse flavors of the San Francisco Bay Area. More food, less talk, posts by Rita or Rosie, and on occasion, from our local foodie community — cookbook authors, cooking school teachers, food writers, and other culinary professionals.Whether for a family, partners, singles, or the urban tribe of friends and neighbors, sharing a meal together is essential to our culture. Marion Cunningham, author of the Fanny Farmer Cookbook, once said to Rosemary, “Dining together goes back to the roots of our existence and is basic to our culture as human beings”. Our passion is creating recipes that revolve around the enjoyment of sharing meals and delicious food. GET COOKING SIMPLY recipes are… Appealing – delicious food, done simply Approachable – realistic, reliable recipes for everyday life Accurate – tested recipes from food professionals’ kitchens Achievable – clear instructions, correct measurements, equipment, time & temperature