Rachael Hutchings

Rachael Hutchings
La Fuji Mama

Rachael currently lives in Utah with her husband and two daughters. She has eaten her way around the world, having lived in a variety of fun food locations, including Paris, Tokyo, Yokohama, Memphis, and Los Angeles. She features recipes that are a fusion of different tastes, influenced by the variety of places she has lived and visited, and the people she has met. Rachael believes that food shouldnt be dumbed down for children, and shares ways with her readers on how they can make the time they spend in the kitchen and at the dinner table be a delicious educational experience for the whole family. She is a self-proclaimed Japanese cuisine advocate and loves introducing people to the wonders of homemade tofu and sustainable seafood. Rachael has been featured by major press and food publications, including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CNNs Eatocracy, Saveur.com, Oprah.com, and Pioneer Womans Tasty Kitchen.

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