Priya Lakshminarayan

Priya Lakshminarayan Cookilicious

Priya studied Home Science in Bombay, India where one of her graduation subjects was Foods and Nutrition.

She has enjoyed cooking ever since she was a child. Having her parents as inspiration, a favorite early memory is simply watching her mom or dad cook a meal while she and her younger brother patiently waited.

Even today, she continues to draw her inspiration from people around her. She enjoys long conversations with her family and friends over food and recipes. One of her favorite pastimes is to talk to family members and dig out long forgotten recipes, re-invent and present them.

Every week she creates fresh, healthy menus for busy clients featuring seasonal foods and plenty of potatoes! She claims to be a leftovers specialist and always manages to cook up a new dish using them!

Priya is the recipe writer, food & beverage tester, photographer, stylist and video producer at Cookilicious where she blogs about her life that revolves around food. She hopes to inspire people to try multi-cuisine dishes in their kitchen and also create easy-to-make, delicious and restaurant-quality food at home. Her recipes have been featured on BuzzFeed.

Priya loves to experiment with ingredients. On her grocery shopping trips, she always comes home with something new to try. Instant noodles and homemade pasta are her favorite snacks.

When not in the kitchen, you can find her trotting the globe. She is an avid traveler and a DIY enthusiast.

About The Blog

Cookilicious is a vegetarian and vegan food blog with occasional egg recipes. All the recipes are made fresh in my kitchen and from scratch. The multi cuisine recipes featured here are nourishing, easy to make and delicious. Fusion recipes, leftover specials, long forgotten recipes to new and creative recipes are the USP of Cookilicious.