Morena Cuadra

Morena Cuadra

Morena Cuadra (Peruvian and Latin American cooking)
Morena is a food writer, a cookbook author, a recipe developer and food stylist. In 2013 she was
selected as one of Babble ́s 100 Best Latina Bloggers, and her work has been featured in several
Together with her daughter they are the authors of The Everything Peruvian Cookbook; also of
Detox  Juicing:  3‐Day,  7‐Day,  and  14‐Day  Cleanses  for  Your  Health  and  Well  Being;  and  The
Peruvian Kitchen Cookbook. They published the eBook Delightful Quinoa Recipes, and recently
she  was  part  of  the  Peruvian  cookbook  Quinua,  Alimento  de  las  Culturas  Andinas,  edited  by
Universidad San Martín de Porres,  in Lima, Peru.
Morena is a regular contributor for Que Rica Vida. You  can  know  more  about  Morena  visiting  their