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MinShien is the creator, recipe developer, photographer and writer behind the food blog, Joyous Apron. She is an avid foodie with a passion for quality ingredients, and loves sharing her recipes and food adventures. She is a self-taught cook and believes that with some guidance and tips and tricks, everyone can make and experience truly delicious foods at home. Prior to perusing her dream of food blogging, MinShien was a marketing professional in the corporate world. MinShien currently resides in Austin, TX with her husband, John. She enjoys reading, exploring new restaurants, traveling, and loves a good conversation, bubble baths and ice cream.

About The Blog

Joyous Apron is a food blog for people who love and appreciate good food, who want to create amazing food using fresh and good-quality ingredients, without having to eat out all the time. We create recipes that are crazy delicious yet made-simple, while never sacrificing taste, flavor, and quality. We love all kinds of foods, and have a fondness for Asian-inspired cooking!