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Maggie is Austin based blogger, cooking class teacher, food photographer, writer, and recipe developer behind Omnivore’s Cookbook. She shares easy ideas for dinner, authentic Chinese regional recipes, Cooking tips, tools and techniques, along with advice for building a Chinese pantry.
Born and raised in Beijing, Maggie now calls Texas home. She’s learned to love barbecue, but her heart belongs to the food she grew up with. Her mission is to introduce cooks to real-deal Chinese dishes, which can be as easy as a 30-minute stir-fry or as adventurous as making your own dim sum. Recipes, photos and video, and cooking classes are the tools she uses to share her knowledge—and her enthusiasm for Chinese food.

About The Blog

For anyone who wants to take their knowledge of Chinese cooking beyond take out, there’s Omnivore’s Cookbook — a resource for cooks of every stripe. Easy ideas for dinner, authentic regional recipes, tips, tools and techniques, promising a virtual cookbook’s worth of information and recipes.