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I started teaching myself to cook and bake after I graduated from college. I earned a Master's degree in Special Education and taught for 16 years, cooking and baking on most weekends. I got so into baking that I even taught cake decorating for awhile. When I finally left teaching, I headed straight for culinary school and earned my diploma in Patisserie and Baking from Orlando Culinary Academy, a Le Cordon Bleu program. While in school, I also worked part time as pastry cook in a fine dining restaurant.

After graduation, I transitioned to full time at the restaurant and worked my way up to the pastry chef position before leaving there to help open a new restaurant. I got to help set the dessert and bar snack menu, and many of the dishes I developed are still on the menu there today.

I started my (then) static website in 2007, a blog in 2008, and then combined the two into a Wordpress site in 2010. I still mainly feature desserts, and I focus on helping people become "fearless in the kitchen" by using humor to teach them the basics they need to be successful cooks and bakers.

About The Blog

Jenni Field's Pastry Chef Online is dedicated to using humor to teach people cooking and baking methods and techniques to help them be fearless in the kitchen. The focus is on baking, but there are plenty of savories since I realize we cannot all live by dessert alone!