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Bowl of Delicious

Elizabeth is the recipe tester, photographer, food lover, and deliciousness creator behind the blog Bowl of Delicious. Before becoming a blogger, she worked for seven years as a teacher of low-income students at high stakes charter schools with long hours, where she quickly realized that the way she ate affected the way she was able to handle the busy, extremely stressful environment of such a physically and emotionally demanding job. Shortly after beginning to teach, she realized that cooking healthy meals made from quality ingredients at home helped her have more energy, be less stressed, and save money. She quickly made this a priority in her life outside of her work. Along the way, she discovered great recipes and tricks that made cooking delicious, healthy meals manageable within the time constraints of working long hours away from home (including falling in love with her slow cooker). She wanted to share them with others.

She created Bowl of Delicious in 2013 as a way to help other busy people realize that they could- and should!- cook more at home, and in 2016 made the transition to blogging full time. She develops recipes made from whole, unprocessed ingredients that are made in the slow cooker, are quick and easy, use a minimal amount of ingredients, are budget friendly, or are make-ahead/freezable in order to cater to busy people and families. Occasionally, she'll also blog about her tricks and tips to making cooking easier, cheaper, faster, and more convenient while still being healthy. She currently lives in central Texas with her husband/official recipe tester, Zach and two cats/blog mascots, Oscar and Olive. Although she sometimes misses teaching, she is happy that she gets to continue to "teach" by empowering other busy people to make healthy choices around eating and cooking through her blog.

About The Blog

Bowl of Delicious is a blog about real food for busy people. Cooking healthy meals at home doesn't have to be difficult or expensive, even if you are a busy person (and who isn't?). It showcases recipes that are make-ahead, freezer friendly, quick and easy, slow cooker, or otherwise low prep... all with whole, unprocessed ingredients.