The Best Ways To Celebrate National Potato Month This September

September 2022

Celebrate National Potato Month With the Best Recipes From Idaho®

It’s our favorite month of the year! Although we celebrate National Potato Month every month in Idaho, we’ve collected our favorite recipes to help the rest of the country honor this national occasion. An iconic quick-and-easy Idaho® potato recipe is Creamy Potato Garlic Soup. All you need is 30 minutes and four ingredients to create this memorable dish. Add chives and sour cream for additional toppings. If you’re looking for a new spin on breakfast, our Cheesy Hashbrowns Breakfast Pizza combines multiple flavors and textures to bring you a savory start to your day.

For more recipes to celebrate National Potato Month, visit the Idaho potato website.


Never Run Out of Your Favorite Idaho® Potatoes Again

The only thing worse than running out of Idaho potatoes is not knowing where to buy them! Luckily, the Idaho potato website can help you find which stores carry your favorite spuds. Simply click Where to Buy Idaho Potatoes to find a list of grocers in your state that will keep you stocked year-round. If you don’t see your nearby supermarket listed, ask them to start carrying Idaho potatoes!

Visit the Idaho potato website for more useful information.

Add Idaho® Potatoes to Your After-School Meal Rotation

Now that school is officially in session, it’s time to hone in on meal planning…with you guessed it…Idaho potatoes. Some of our favorites include Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Baked Idaho Potatoes, Cheese Stuffed Potato Balls and Buffalo Potatoes. All of these are great after-school snacks and can also serve as the main meal, so don't be afraid to mix and match.

Visit the Back to School Basics section of the Idaho potato website for more recipes.

Gone in an Instant Idaho® Potato Donuts

If you believed Idaho potatoes couldn’t make a great dessert, you thought wrong! As the name suggests, these Idaho Potato Donuts are made with instant mashed potatoes and so easy to make! The deliciously soft and airy donuts are lightly fried in vegetable oil to 360F. When slightly cool, dip them into bowls of glaze, and top with toasted coconut, and sprinkles. Plate your donuts to serve, and we promise they’ll be gone in an instant!

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Ask Dr. Potato

Q: What is the difference between mashed potatoes and twice-baked potatoes? Are they identical?

A: The big difference is that mashed potatoes are boiled, and the twice baked are baked. I know it sounds obvious but the way the potatoes are cooked does change the flavor and consistency. Twice baked potatoes are baked; the insides of the potato are scooped out and mixed with seasonings, heavy cream and cheese, mixed thoroughly, returned to the potato skins then rebaked. 
Mashed potatoes are simply boiled potato cubes chunks (usually peeled but skin-on is an option) that are mixed with added ingredients like cream, garlic, butter and herbs. The two preparation methods are close, but again – not quite.  


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