Tater Talk September 2021: Celebrate Autumn with Idaho® Potatoes!

september 2021

Oven Roasted Idaho® Potatoes with Herbed Pecans 

After one bite of Oven Roasted Idaho® Potatoes with Herbed Pecans you'll be ready to embrace the fall and all its spectacularly warm colors and flavors. A variety of Idaho® russet, purple and red potatoes are tossed with toasted pecans that have been seasoned with butter, brown sugar, cayenne and rosemary making for an unforgettable side dish. The cayenne pepper gives these taters a kick of heat, creating a sweet and spicy medley of flavors. Make sure to lay the potatoes in a single layer on a baking sheet and roast them until they develop a nice, golden color. 

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Back to School Basics with Idaho® Potatoes

Back to School season is in full swing and that means busier calendars and less time in the kitchen to whip up meals. This week we recommend trying Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Baked Idaho® Potatoes. Combine chicken breasts, enchilada sauce, one onion, green chilies and garlic powder in a slow cooker-- start this process in the morning and let it simmer all day. Serve on top of piping hot Idaho® baked potatoes and flavor with chopped avocado, shredded cheese, sour cream and cilantro. Don’t forget your favorite hot sauce! 

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September is National Potato Month... Celebrate with Dessert! 

While we like to think there’s a reason to celebrate the “spudtacular” tuber every month, September is extra special because it’s National Potato Month! Surprise your family with these three delicious desserts: Maple Bacon Idaho® Potato Pie, Carrot Cake Truffles and Vegan Coconut & Blackberry Potato Ice Cream...and see if they can guess the secret ingredient -- mashed Idaho® potatoes! 

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Cheese Stuffed Idaho® Potato Balls 

It doesn’t get any better than Cheese Stuffed Idaho® Potato Balls from food blogger, Love Keil at Munchkin Time. Boiled, peeled and grated Idaho® potatoes are mixed with eggs, pieces of bacon, spinach and seasoned with black pepper, salt and garlic powder to form a potato “dough”. Using a small ice cream scoop place one scoop of mashed potato mixture into your hand, top with a cheese cube and then add another scoop of potato mixture on top. Shape into a ball and roll in panko bread crumbs before deep frying. Serve with a dipping sauce and dive in! 

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Ask Dr. Potato

Q: What is the best way to freeze whole, cooked potatoes? 

A: Vacuum sealing the potatoes will ensure that any excess air is removed, keeping the potatoes fresh and preventing freezer burn.


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