Tater Talk October 2023


Watch the Idaho Potato Commission’s Newest National Television Commercial

If you believe your family doesn’t recognize the taste of famous Idaho® potatoes, think again. Plates were dropped, food was thrown, and dentures removed when the family featured in the IPC’s new TV commercial learned the potatoes served at dinner were homegrown and not grown in Idaho. The ad debuted in September during a televised Boise State University football game and serves as a reminder always to look for the Grown in Idaho® seal at the grocery store. 

Watch the commercial in its totality here


Make the Most of Oktuberfest With These Irresistible Recipes

Celebrate the Idaho potato harvest this October with delicious meals all month long. This year, 13 billion pounds of spuds, about one-third of America’s total potato supply, were harvested in a short six-week period. Let the eating begin! We recommend starting with Mini Hasselback Potatoes. Bake these mini spuds until the crispy exterior counteracts the tender inside. Whip up the dill dip as the potatoes bake and chill until both worlds are ready to collide! Savory Roasted Garlic and Idaho® Potato Beer Cheese Scones come together in a flash to feed an army in an instant. And, it’s not Oktuberfest without Old Fashion Hot German Potato Salad, the perfect side for sandwiches, burgers, and steak! 

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Welcome Soup Season In Style With Our Collection Of Stews

In Idaho we know how to stay warm during the cold winter months: a soft blanket, thick mittens and a big pot for Idaho potato soups and stews! Play the hits this fall and feed your family with our Chicken and Potato Soup with Dill. Carrots, potatoes, and chicken breast are perfectly seasoned and brought together in a piping hot pot of stock. Before you leave for work, toss together the ingredients for Pork Roast and Idaho Potatoes in your slow cooker and by dinnertime, you and the family can dig in! Potato Chowder is the fall’s crowned jewel; a creamy base with a complex flavor profile in each spoonful. It’s well worth the time of preparation!

Head to the recipe collection for more soups and stews to keep you warm. 

Idaho® Potato Witch “Fingers”

Bring a little gruesomeness to your Halloween parties with these delicious Potato Witch "Fingers". Combine everything but the almonds in a bowl to create a smooth dough. Preheat the oven to 400°F and scoop two teaspoons of your dough to form little balls. Roll the balls into finger shapes and add a groove at one end for the finger nail. Use a knife to create knuckle lines and add your almond nail. Pop them into the oven for 20-25 minutes; the bottoms should be crispy and the top puffed up. Serve with bloody ketchup and everyone will enjoy this spooky snack!

Head to the Idaho Potato YouTube channel for more spudtastic recipes. 

Ask Dr. Potato

Q: Will frying a potato take out the fiber or nutrients?

A: Many people are surprised to learn that no – nutrients and fiber remain intact after frying. Not to claim fries will be the next health food craze (It’s the added fat that drives up calorie content), but nutrients and fiber definitely remain intact.


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