Tater Talk June 2020: It's Potato Salad Season!

june 2020

Idaho® Potato and Lentil Salad

Summer’s here and that means it’s potato salad season! This zesty Idaho® Potato and Lentil Salad is great as a light lunch or as a side when paired with grilled entrees. Made with red Idaho® potatoes, sugar snap peas, cooked green lentils, radishes, parsley and chives, and topped with a tangy dressing prepared with olive oil, lemon zest, fresh squeezed lemon juice, salt and pepper, this may become your go-to tater salad for the season. Make sure to cook the potatoes until they are “fork tender” as overcooking them will lead to a lumpy salad. Chill and serve cold à la carte or over a bed of salad greens. 

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Featured Farmer: Jaren Raybould

This month’s featured farmer is third generation Idaho® potato farmer Jaren Raybould from St. Anthony, Idaho. Jaren and his wife Whitney have two daughters, Naomi and Adalyn Mae. Jaren is proud to be a farmer because it allows him to be a part of something bigger than himself. His favorite dish made with Idaho® potatoes is peas and potatoes. 

Batch Cooking Idaho® Potatoes 

Looking for ways to save time in the kitchen and make mealtime more interesting while your family continues to shelter in place? Batch cooking makes meal planning a breeze. Idaho® potatoes are the most versatile vegetable in the produce aisle and can be seamlessly incorporated into breakfast, lunch or dinner. Cook up large portions of roasted, mashed or grilled Idaho® potatoes--they keep well in the fridge and can be used in a variety of delicious recipes like this savory Southwest Scramble, Cheesy Potato Taquitos or these tasty Grilled Cajun Potato Wedges. We won’t be surprised if batch cooking spuds becomes a part of your weekly routine! 


Idaho® Potato Panzanella

A twist on an Italian summer classic, this Idaho® Potato Panzanella from Chef and Owner Kathy Cary of Lilly’s Bistro in Louisville, KY is the perfect dish to eat on balmy summer nights. Made with Idaho® russet potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, celery, shallots, Kalamata olives, basil, chives, vegetable and olive oil, red-wine vinegar, salt and pepper, this colorful salad is almost too pretty to eat. Re-frying the potatoes gives this salad a satisfying crunch--you’ll never want to use regular croutons again! Make sure to serve this scrumptious vegetable medley immediately after preparing. 

To learn how to make more Idaho® potato dishes visit the Idaho® Potato YouTube page. 


Ask Dr. Potato

Q: Can you leave boiled or baked potatoes out overnight for potato salad?

A: Cooked potatoes should never be left out for an extended period of time as they can start to grow bacteria. After boiling or baking the potatoes, let them cool and then refrigerate immediately. Use the cold potatoes directly from the fridge to make the potato salad. 


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