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Tater Talk June 2017

June/July 2017

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream! 

As temperatures begin to rise, we are cooling things off with this delicious Vegan Coconut & Blackberry Idaho® Potato Ice Cream! The Idaho® potatoes are the secret to this thick and creamy vegan ice cream with a summery coconut blackberry flavor. With only five ingredients, you’ll be able to whip up your family’s new favorite summertime treat in no time! For more delicious summertime recipes, visit the IPC website…>



Jacob Walker Joins the Big Idaho® Potato Truck For the Memorial Day Parade

One of Hollywood’s smallest actors, Jacob Walker joined the Big Idaho® Potato Truck and the Tater Team for the National Memorial Day Parade in Arlington, VA last month. This is not the first time Jacob and the Giant Spud have met. The world’s smallest boy has been a BIG fan of the Truck for years and tries to see the traveling tater whenever it’s near his home in Virginia. For more information on the Truck Tour visit The Big Idaho Potato’s official page...>

The Humble Spud is the Real Superfood

In his article, “An Athletes Ode to the Potato” Michael Easter, from OutsideOnline.com, dives into the nutritional value and history of our favorite root vegetable, the spud. Easter also breaks down the common stereotype that potatoes are unhealthy for you. “The problem is us and what we do with them,” Easter explains. "Often the preparation of the potato and all that you add in are what contribute to an unhealthy meal." But the humble spud itself? It is the real superfood, according to Easter. Read the article in its entirety at OutsideOnline.com


New Twist On A Tater Classic With Emily Ellyn!

We’ve partnered with Chef Emily Ellyn to bring you this creative new twist on a picnic classic. This devilishly delicious Idaho® Potato Salad Deviled Egg is loaded with salami, kalamata olives and a little bit of relish! Learn how to make this classic with a twist on the official IPC YouTube page..>



Ask Dr. Potato: I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I'm in my 50’s and have never made potato salad from scratch but that's the way it is. I have two questions for you: Can I cut up the potatoes before I cook them and, if I do, how long should I boil them? Is there a good reason why the potatoes need to be peeled as long as I’ve scrubbed them clean?

A: First, cut the potatoes into large chunks (1 to 1 ½ inches square) and they will cook faster in boiling water without breaking down. When you cook the potato whole it often means that the outside will be mushy while the center is not quite done. Start with cold water and toss in the potatoes. It will vary on how long it takes based on your stove’s heat (electric and gas can differ as gas is usually quicker to boil), but usually, I check them at 15 minutes. If you stab a piece with the knife and it can be squished or mashed, the potato is done. Hard spots mean you need to continue to cook until “fork tender”.
Second, it’s fine to leave the skin on. Many of the potatoes nutrients are in the skin or just under that surface.

Get more potato tips and tricks on the IPC website…>



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