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Tater Talk July 2016: Food Blogger Bonanza

JULY 2016

Food Blogger Bonanza!

The Idaho Potato Commission loves working with bloggers, and this month we are excited to introduce more delicious recipes using famous Idaho® potatoes. Our highly talented blogger friends are sharing their best recipes that stack, stuff, smash and sandwich Idaho® potatoes with a variety of mouth-watering flavors to truly tantalize your taste buds. Lisa Goldfinger of Panning the Globe created hearty Steak and Idaho® Potato Stacks, while The Wimpy Vegetarian’s Susan Pridmore made fluffy Miso Idaho® Potato Stuffed Balsamic Mushrooms. Monica Kass Rodgers of Lost Recipes Found took traditional mashed potatoes to the next level with Smashed Idaho® Potatoes with Sunchokes, Roasted Garlic and Spinach, and Kathy Hester (Healthy Slow Cooking) skillfully updated a classic, Idaho® Potato Cajun Fry Vegan Po’ Boy with Mushroom Gravy. Get inspired with these mouth-watering recipes… »



Crazy Fun Hash Browns

Our bloggers know how to whip up some fun in the kitchen, and this month we’re focusing on a classic family favorite: hash browns! Kita Roberts of Pass the Sushi dives into Thai Larb with Crispy Idaho® Potatoes and Nicole Presley (Presley’s Pantry) cooks up some Idaho® Potato and Rajas Hash Browns. Be sure to check out all of the videos on our YouTube channel, including Sara O’Donnell’s (Average Betty) Hash Brown Burgers»


Perfect Potato Pairings: Salmon

Salmon is a popular versatile fish, and its buttery consistency makes it a perfect pairing with tender Idaho® potatoes and tangy seasonings. Herbed Potato Fritters with Smoked Atlantic Salmon and Watercress and Salmon Shiitake Idaho® Potato Hash are satisfying and healthy dishes you can serve your family any night of the week. Or if you’re more of a breakfast person, Idaho® Potato and Eggs with Smoked Salmon, Crème Fraîche and Chives is guaranteed to start your day off right. Head over to our website for the full collection»


Susan Goss's Fried Idaho® Potato Salad

New Orleans-based chef and cookbook author Susan Goss has discovered a delicious clash between creamy potato salad and crunchy deep fried potato flakes with her recipe for Fried Idaho® Potato Salad. Using both cubed and mashed Idaho® potatoes plus fresh herbs and celery, small dollops of the potato mixture are dredged in smooth buttermilk and Idaho® potato flakes then deep-fried to perfection. Learn how to make this extra-satisfying snack on our YouTube page »

Ask Dr. Potato: Are mashed potatoes that are left out safe for consumption?

If they are just mashed potatoes, they are probably ok to leave out. However, the issue is usually the ingredients mixed in with the potatoes. Dairy items such as milk and butter will spoil if left out. However olive oil or margarine as ingredients don’t need to be refrigerated.

Here are the general guidelines:

Once cooked and left out at room temperature, holding hot food needs to be 135°F or above, and holding cold food should be at 41°F or below.


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