Tater Talk January 2021: Celebrate Veganuary!

January 2021

Aloo Tikki Burgers

These spicy and generously seasoned Indian-inspired Aloo Tikki Burgers are the perfect way to celebrate Veganuary! Translated from Hindi to English, Aloo Tikki means “potato cutlet.” Made with Idaho® potatoes, green peas, vegetable oil, yellow onion, ginger paste and earthy spices like garam and chaat masala, these patties are coated in a breadcrumb mixture giving them a crunchy and exquisite texture. If you can’t find chaat or garam masala spice at the store, a flavorful curry powder will work as a substitute. Sandwich the finished patties between toasted sesame or brioche buns and stack with your favorite burger fixings like lettuce, sliced red onions and/or cheese. Pro tip: When preparing the potatoes, make sure to mash them until they are smooth and free of lumps. 

For more vegan Idaho® potatoes recipes visit the Idaho® Potato website


Featured Farmer: Ron Ambrose 

This month’s featured farmer is fifth generation Idaho® potato farmer and newly minted Idaho Potato Commissioner Ron Ambrose from Wendell, Idaho. Ron and his wife Kathryn have two children, Patrick and Alice. Both his son and daughter work at the family farm, 4 Ace Farms LLC. Ron is proud to be a farmer because he believes that farmers are the salt of the earth and can face any challenges that come their way. His favorite ways to eat potatoes are baked with a pat of butter and chives or with chili onions, and cheese. 

Potatoes Once Again Prove They Are the Most Versatile Vegetable 

Idaho® potatoes aren’t just delicious to eat...they’re great for your skin and hair, too! We reached out to the pro’s who shared a few of their favorite DIY beauty regimens using Idaho® potatoes. Even out your complexion with a Brightening Potato Mask made with Idaho® potato juice, honey and Greek yogurt for glowing skin. Perhaps winter weather is drying out your hair? Hydrate your strands with a Moisturizing Potato Hair Treatment that will soften and strengthen your luscious locks. Or, if your eyes need a little TLC from staring at the computer screen all day, Puffy Eye Potato Remedy will have your peepers feeling rested and rejuvenated. Don’t forget your hands...give them some love by making this two-ingredient rich and creamy Nourishing Potato Hand Mask made with mashed potatoes and olive oil. 

Visit the IPC YouTube page for the full playlist of Idaho® potato spa treatment videos. 


Idaho® Potato and Beet Galette 

This simple and colorful Idaho® Potato and Beet Galette from Erika Penzer Kerekes at Erikas Kitchen is a tasty way to get in two solid servings of veggies. Prepared with Idaho® russet potatoes, red beets, olive oil, rosemary, salt, pepper and parmesan or Romano cheese, serve this pretty dish as a side with your favorite protein. Trying to stick to Veganuary? Use a dairy-free cheese or skip it all together. Feel free to experiment with other seasonings like cayenne or chili powder for some added spice.


Ask Dr. Potato

Q: Do potatoes have as much potassium as bananas? 

A: Potatoes have about twice the amount of potassium as bananas, making them an excellent addition to your diet. 


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