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Tater Talk January 2017


Super Soups

Idaho® potatoes are a great addition to any soup, whether previously cooked or in the form of dehydrated flakes. They meld with every flavor, adding heartiness to broths and chili. Warm up your kitchen with this delectable Thai Curry Idaho®  Potato Soup – a flavorful, filling soup that utilizes loads of spices and will leave your tastebuds tingling! For more delicious soup, stew and chili recipes go to the IPC website...>



Famous Idaho® Potato Bowl

The University of Idaho Vandals faced off against the Colorado State Rams in this year’s Famous Idaho® Potato Bowl with the Vandals coming out on top with a 61-50 win. The nail-biting game attracted almost 25,000 attendees and was the third highest-scoring game in bowl history. Read more about the thrilling game on the IPC’s website…>

NYE Idaho® Potato Drop

Revelers rang in the New Year in downtown Boise at the Idaho® Potato Drop, complete with live music, food, drinks, and fun for the whole family. The event drew thousands of attendees who braved the cold weather to celebrate the beginning of the New Year as the potato fell in front of the Capitol building. Learn more about the exciting night at www.idahopotatodrop.com


From Field to Fries

Follow the journey of an organic Idaho® potato as it goes from field to fries at Bittercreek Alehouse, located in the heart of Boise. Watch the fascinating video in its entirety on the IPC’s YouTube channel…>

Ask Dr. Potato: Potatoes must be cold in order to make amazing fries. True or false?

A: Refrigerating potatoes before cutting them into homemade French fry strips and frying is a big no-no. What happens to the potato when refrigerated? At 40°F, the starch in the potato starts to turn to sugarYou’ll end up with fries that either turn dark or caramelize prematurely before they are fully cooked. Get more potato tips and tricks on the IPC website…>


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