Tater Talk February 2023: Live A Heart-Healthy Life With Idaho® Potatoes
Tater Talk February 2023: Live A Heart-Healthy Life With Idaho® Potatoes


Live A Heart-Healthy Life With Idaho® Potatoes

Did you know that one Idaho potato has more potassium than a banana? An estimated 97 percent of Americans fall short of the suggested potassium intake, which is a key manager of blood pressure levels and critical to overall heart health. In fact, Idaho potatoes are certified by the American Heart Association as a heart-healthy food. Idaho potatoes are the most versatile vegetable in the produce aisle and there are thousands of healthy ways to prepare the popular spud from baking to air-frying to grilling. Here’s an all-time favorite recipe Buttermilk Idaho French Fingerlings

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Celebrate Potato Lover’s Month With Tasty Taters

Let’s be honest, loving Idaho® potatoes is a perfect practice for every month. This is why we love using these extra-special 28 days to share our favorite recipes with you and your loved ones. Beef Birria Garnachas are the perfect crowd-pleaser to keep everyone warm at the tail end of winter. If you’re looking for a quick snack, Korean Sticky Potato Lettuce Cups are ideal for curbing your mid-day hunger.

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The Big Idaho® Potato Truck Is Coming To A City Near You!

The famous 4-ton spud on wheels is back for its 11th annual nationwide tour! And for the first time ever, we’re crossing the Canadian border and trekking up to America’s final frontier, Alaska! Check out our frequently updated schedule to see when the Truck will be in your neck of the woods. Want to keep your eyes peeled on the traveling tater? Rest assured we have a live location for it running 24/7!

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Idaho® Potato Heart-Healthy Soup

Stay warm and healthy with this quick-and-easy Idaho potato soup. Dice onions and place in a pan with heated oil for 20 minutes or until evenly browned. Add diced potatoes, chopped tomatoes, and chicken broth, and boil for 10 minutes. Once the broth is bubbly and the potatoes are tender, bring the turkey and your vegetables to the party and return to a boil for 6-8 minutes. Add a few dashes of black pepper and enjoy while hot!

Head to the Idaho Potato Youtube channel to find more timeless recipes. 

Ask Dr. Potato

Q: Does covering potatoes make them sprout quicker?

A: No. Ideally, store potatoes covered, in a cool (not cold) and dark location like under a cupboard or in a pantry. Even under the best of storage conditions, potatoes will dehydrate and start to sprout, so be sure to use the potatoes while they are still firm and fresh.