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Tater Talk February 2019

February 2019

Heart-Healthy Idaho® Potato Salad

A recent survey revealed that Idaho® potatoes are America’s favorite vegetable, beating out broccoli, corn and leafy greens. We’re not surprised at all! Idaho® potatoes are delicious, versatile and certified by the American Heart Association as a heart-healthy food. And since February is American Heart Month, we made a few tweaks to our popular Traditional Idaho® Potato Salad recipe to make it a Heart-Healthy Idaho® Potato Salad. It’s easy when your main ingredient is heart-healthy Idaho® potatoes! A combination of whole hard boiled eggs and egg whites, a 1/4 cup of mayonnaise, Miracle Whip, plain non-fat Greek yogurt, chopped onions and pickles, and a dash of garlic powder makes this a delicious and healthy dish. Easy peasy!

For more heart-healthy Idaho® potato recipes visit the IPC Website*.

*Heart-Check certification does not apply to recipes unless expressly stated.


The 2019 Big Idaho® Potato Truck Tour Calendar is Live!

This year the Big Idaho® Potato Truck will be making its eighth trip across the United States, promoting the heart healthy benefits of Idaho® Potatoes and giving back to communities through its  A Big Helping charity program. Check out the Truck's itinerary to find out when it will be appearing in a city near you. 

Miso Ramen with Spiraled
Idaho® Potatoes

A grown-up take on instant ramen, Miso Ramen with Spiraled Idaho® Potatoes is a savory and paleo-friendly recipe. For a nutritional boost it uses spiralized Idaho® potatoes instead of traditional noodles along with ginger, miso paste, ground pork, and toasted sesame seeds. Want a more classic style? Add toppings like boiled eggs or dried seaweed. It’s destined to be a new winter favorite with family and friends and bring out smiles all around the table.

For more soup and stew recipes visit the IPC website.


Confetti Mashed Idaho® Potatoes

There’s no better way to celebrate Potato Lover's Month than by making these delicious and festive Confetti Mashed Idaho® Potatoes from food blogger Lisa Lin. Made with Idaho® Russet potatoes, three types of bell peppers, milk, salt, olive oil, and chives, this colorful twist on mashed potatoes is the perfect side dish to prepare for your next get together. (Add garlic or paprika for a bigger flavor.) These mashed potatoes are (almost) too pretty to eat!

To learn how to make more Idaho® potato side dishes visit the IPC YouTube page.


Ask Dr. Potato

Q: I want to thank Dr. Potato for all of the great Idaho® potato tips I've used frequently over the past several years. Just out of curiosity, what are the most searched-for posts?

A: Looking back at 2018, here is a list of the most viewed Dr. Potato posts:

I’m glad we have been able to help you with the posts found at www.idahopotato.com or www.DrPotato.com.

To find more Idaho® potato tips and tricks visit the IPC website.


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