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Idaho Potato Commission Tater Talk

Celebrate National Heart Month with
® Potatoes


“Great Flavor and Nutrition Wrapped in One”
Potatoes are one of the most nutritious vegetables in the produce department. Many don’t realize that one medium-size potato has more vitamin C than an apple and twice as much potassium as a banana. Plus, potatoes have fiber and are naturally fat-, cholesterol- and sodium-free. And, did you know Idaho potatoes are certified by the American Heart Association as a heart-healthy food? Can’t beat that! The Idaho Potato Commission has a page on its website loaded with nutrition information and a collection of delicious recipes that meet the American Heart Association’s criteria as a heart-healthy dish. Enjoy!
Heart-Healthy Chopped Idaho® Potato Breakfast Salad »
Heart-Healthy Drop Kick Idaho® Potato Dip »
Heart-Healthy Grilled Idaho® Potato Ratatouille Salad  »
Heart-Healthy Idaho® Potato Broccoli Soup »
Heart-Healthy Idaho® Potato Nicoise Salad »
Heart-Healthy Idaho® Potato Pumpkin and Pepita Patties »
Hearty and Heart-Healthy Idaho® Potato Soup/Stew »

Partying with Potato Skins
Popular food blogger Sara O’Donnell (aka Average Betty) just might be one of the biggest Idaho potato fans we’ve met!  In her most recent video, she demonstrates how to make potato skins with three different mouth-watering toppings. Check out the entertaining and informative video on the Idaho Potato Commission’s YouTube page
Au Gratin Potatoes - The Ultimate Comfort Food
Have you ever wondered if you can freeze your scalloped potatoes or how to make this favorite dish a tad healthier?  Dr. Potato, the Idaho Potato Commission’s (IPC) resident expert has the answer to all your au gratin questions.  And, if after visiting his page you still have a burning question, send him an email and he’ll promptly respond.  Oh, and be sure to visit the impressive collection of au gratin recipes in IPC’s recipe database! 
For more Q&A from Dr. Potato, click here »

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Featured Blog: Lisa Lin - Passionate Foodie and Yogi
Lisa’s blog, Healthy Nibbles & Bits, truly reflects her passion for eating healthy, exercising and maintaining balance in her life.  Many of her recipes like Spicy Crispy Roasted Potatoes use only five ingredients and still are bursting with flavor and color.  She credits her mother as her inspiration for her love of cooking.  When she was little, she helped her make homemade dumplings and Chinese snack.  Visit her blog and be treated to beautifully simple photography and a collection of mouth-watering recipes.

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