Tater Talk August 2021: Celebrate the End of Summer with Idaho® Potatoes!

August 2021

Idaho® Potato Dogs

Look no further for the perfect two-bite treat… Idaho® Potato Dogs served with a tangy and spicy dip. A potato mixture for the outer “shell” creates an airy and fluffy texture versus traditional corn dog batter which can often be very sticky and gritty. Baked, peeled and riced Idaho® russet potatoes are combined with chopped scallions, Parmesan cheese, one egg, breadcrumbs and sour cream to create the outer coating. Hotdogs split and skewered on wooden sticks are dipped in the potato mixture and fried. Once cool, dip into a mixture of mayonnaise, mustard, sambal chili paste, sweet relish and ketchup for an out-of-this-world dipping sauce.

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Idaho® Potato Online Games for Kids

Did you know the Idaho® potato website has a whole section dedicated to kids activities that includes some great online games? Your little ones will love finding out what kind of Idaho® potato they are or playing in the Build a Baker game portal that allows kids to virtually add toppings to an Idaho® potato and see how the nutritional content is affected. They can also test their tater knowledge while learning about the history of Idaho® potatoes and how the famous tuber grows.

For more Idaho® potato kids resources visit the Idaho® Potato website

Featured Farmer: Adam Nielsen

This month’s featured Idaho® potato farmer is Adam Nielsen. He is from Paul, Idaho and has been farming alongside his father for 28 years. Adam and his wife Amy have two children: his son Jack (18) and daughter Adalyn (13). Jack has been helping his father on the farm since he was six years old and plans to be part of the family farm business now that he has graduated from high school. Adalyn loves to cheer and dance. Adam is proud to be a farmer because it has allowed him to cultivate a great lifestyle for himself and his family while also feeding the world. His favorite way to enjoy a spud is twice baked.



Idaho® Potato Nachos with General Tso's Chicken

Nachos like you’ve never eaten before! Made with thinly sliced Idaho® russet potatoes baked into crispy chips, General Tso’s chicken, mozzarella cheese, red and yellow peppers, scallions and chopped cilantro, Idaho® Potato Nachos with General Tso’s Chicken from food blogger Lisa Lin at Healthy Nibbles and Bits is plate of deliciousness. Bold Asian flavors combined with golden brown potato rounds, lots of mozzarella and shredded chicken make for an unforgettable dish that you'll want to prepare over and over again!

To learn how to make this recipe and more Idaho® potato dishes visit the IPC YouTube page.


Ask Dr. Potato

Q: Will a potato retain its nutrient content if stored in the refrigerator overnight?

A: A potato will retain almost all of its nutrients if stored properly overnight in the refrigerator. The vitamin C content in a potato is susceptible to being lost from exposure to air, but the loss from only one night in the fridge is minimal. Cover the cut surface of the potato with plastic wrap or put the cut side facing down on a plate before placing it in the fridge to minimize the loss of nutrients. 


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