Tater Talk April 2021: Celebrate Spring with Idaho® Potatoes!

April 2021

Harissa Roasted Potatoes with Preserved Lemon Gremolata 

Sunnier days call for fresh, citrusy flavors and Harissa Roasted Potatoes with Preserved Lemon Gremolata is a tastebud-bursting side dish that pairs perfectly with any protein. Yukon Gold Idaho® potatoes are tossed in a Tunisian-inspired harissa spice blend and combined with a lemony gremolata made with preserved lemons, lemon juice, roasted garlic, fresh herbs and olive oil creating a unique take on home fries. Pro tip: It takes about 21 days to preserve lemons. If you want to add this recipe to your meal planning menu this week, we suggest ordering the lemons online or purchasing them at an international market. 

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Featured Farmers: Ladd & Zoey Wahlen

This month’s featured farmers are Ladd and Zoey Wahlen from American Falls and Middleton, Idaho, respectively. Ladd is a fourth generation Idaho® potato farmer, and after he and Zoey finished college, they decided to start a farm together in Aberdeen, Idaho. The couple has three children: Beckett, Briggs and Miles. Both Zoey and Ladd love being farmers because it allows them to be stewards of the land and feed the world. Potato chips, specifically those they make, Roots Potato Chips, are their favorite way to eat potatoes.

Versatile Idaho® Potatoes: The Perfect Dessert Ingredient 

If you gave up sweets for Lent, now is the time to indulge in some delicious confections. Idaho® potatoes provide moisture to sweets and can often be substituted for dairy products in baking. For instance, mashed potatoes give Gluten-Free Idaho® Potato Pistachio Lemon Cake a velvety soft texture and prevents the cake from drying out. Potatoes as an ingredient in ice cream may seem unusual, however roasted and blended Idaho® potatoes make this Idaho® Potato Ice Cream thick and creamy. Add in fresh fruit, chopped nuts or chocolate shavings for a customized frozen dessert. We promise you’ll want more than just one scoop. 

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Roasted Idaho® Potato Hummus Bowl  

Great to whip up for lunch or dinner, this healthy and colorful Roasted Idaho® Potato Hummus Bowl from food blogger Lisa Lin at Healthy Nibbles and Bits is filling and a tad more interesting than a garden salad. Idaho® red potatoes are roasted to perfection and then combined with romaine lettuce, kalamata olives, sliced tomatoes, cucumber, garlic granules, feta cheese and topped with a dollop of hummus making a nutritious meal you can feel good about! Pro Tip: Make sure to bake the potatoes in the center rack of the oven to prevent them from becoming too crispy or burnt. 

To learn how to make this recipe and more Idaho® potato dishes visit the IPC YouTube page.


Ask Dr. Potato

Q: Why aren’t my potato slices turning golden brown?

A: Potatoes turn golden brown as a result of the surface sugars coming into contact with heat. For example, boiling potatoes won’t caramelize because they don’t adhere directly to a heat source. When potatoes are pan fried or roasted the surface sugars come in direct contact with heat, leading to a chemical reaction that creates a golden brown color as the potatoes cook.


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